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Sensei Said a Mouthful

Christian battle rapper Th3 Saga vented on Twitter early Sunday morning about the woes of the CHH community.

“It sucks that my favorite CHH artists don’t like me, don’t champion my movement as a pioneer,” said Saga. Besides feeling disliked in the community, Saga expressed that some artists lowkey ‘diss’ him.

Whatever ill will may be directed at Saga, he is choosing the path of Christ, ending the post with “I love y’all tho”.

Fans of Saga responded in support of the New York native echoing that the CHH community needs more unity. One supporter said the display of division will leave a lasting legacy for the future.

A short time later Saga opened up further on his internal battle with fellow artists. He tweeted “Definitely makes it hard to listen to some of y’all song knowing how crazy the game is. I know off rip Ill never be loved by some but I appreciate all”.

Born Luis Lebron, the Puerto Rican artist has been a prominent force in the battle rap scene for years, with some of his battles getting over 1 million views. His original song 'More Than This 2.0' ft Bizzle gained some popularity after it's release in 2017. Some could argue the current vent is a continuation of how Saga was feeling when this song came out with lyrics saying, "Save the politicking for the politicians. Either we friends or we not. Cuz I went from being cool to being competition."

According to Saga, the root of his issues stem from a stance he took that he is not receiving backlash for. “I know I took a stance on something most in my field would never approve,” said Saga, “but at the end of day I didn’t do this FOR believers, I did this AS a believer FOR THOSE WHO NEED TO KNOW HIM.

“Comes with backlash on both sides, but as long as my wife & my true supporters are here I’m good," Saga added.

After more support came in, Saga addressed the fans directly and explained that it's disappointing when appreciation is not reciprocated. Nevertheless, he will continue to 'push forward' for the supporters he does have.

Despite the small stint of venting, Saga’s headspace appears to be mostly positive as he promotes the #EFM movement and updates fans on his listening experience after Chicago rapper Kanye West’s newly released album ‘Donda’ dropped.

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