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Covered  is a Christian clothing brand that represents the covering of God, one of the most significance of covered is that we’ve come to the knowledge and wisdom of the importance of being in and covenant relationship with our father, that last eternity, being covered by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ, yet also acknowledging that God offers the same covering and protection, to anyone who choose to accept it we, as a brand of Christ Jesus, would like to expound on the additional covering he offers in love, peace, joy, grace, blessings, favor, provision, faith protection, and most importantly, his word, our Brand strives to provide the same attributes in our clothing attire as well as through our services and the hearts of Gods people , in doing so meeting every need physically as well as spiritually.

“You are covered for him , By him , and in him “.

(Ezekiel 16:10, Matthew 6:30)


 our ultimate goal, as a brand is to lead you into the loving fathers arm, as you are clothe in significance attire and nurtured by his word, physically,   spiritually, and mentally we not only strongly believe in this goal being accomplish in every heart, we touch as a brand through Christ Jesus, but strive to live it out daily . 

(Psalms 91:4)

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