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Revival in NOLA

Pastor and CHH artist Andy Rebirth is calling out to God and his city for there to be a shift in the culture. In a video posted Monday night, Andy Rebirth says, "right now we declare a season shift in our city."

This prayer is in response to the latest trend of murders happening in New Orleans. According to news outlets, murders in The Big Easy have been on the rise since COVID numbers have been decreasing. As of April, nearly 200 murders have been reported in 2021 already. A 51% increase over the reports from 2020.

Andy Rebirth continued his prayer at a candlelight vigil in seventh ward, "Father, we come against that murderous spirit." The event was held in honor of Denzel Jeanpierre, a victim to gun violence, and to give the family a platform to speak against the actions that took their loved one away.

This year's violent crimes increase in New Orleans has outpaced many other recent years. In one weekend in April there were 7 shootings with 12 victims.

Pastor Andy Rebirth captioned his video, "All these murders need to stop!!!!! Gods calling our city to Revival,we must all play our parts!!! Romans12:15 Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep."

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