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Underground and Upcoming: Montell Fish

Artist Highlight: Montell Fish

23. Artist. Producer. Gentle Creative. Montell Fish (aka Lord's Child) has been making a name for himself for the last 5 years. Intentional in sharing how God has faithfully loved him through music, Montell Fish has garnered quite the following. Focusing on mental health, deliverance, and the peace of God sonically, Montell's music ranges from lo-fi to soft pop to chill hip hop.

After coming to Christ as a teenager, Montell realized that his music could be more than an outlet and hobby. He was given gifts that could be used to share the testimonies of what God has done in his life. Using music and videography, Lord's Child has produced a consistent safe space through social media.

His latest release (under Lord's Child), "Camp Lukewarm," follows his style by creating a world of it own that each listener is blessed to visit. Taking you on a journey, as a camp goer, you will experience and be reminded of the highs and lows of your Christian faith and taught how to "return to your first love". Titled, "Camp Lukewarm", it is an encouragement to every believer that it is never a problem or hinderance to become on fire for God again.

Montell Fish, or Lord's Child, has created a solid name for himself and his sound. Working with Antoine Bradford, Madison Ryann Ward, Joseph Solomon, and Jonathan Ogden (to name a few), he has created a lane I encourage everyone to vibe into.

Check out Montell's latest work and stay tuned so you don't miss out!

IG: (@montellfish); YouTube: Montell Fish Website: https://www.lordschildworldwide.com/

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