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Underground and Upcoming: InDaviduall

Artist Highlight: David Asimeng

Innovator. Refreshing. One of a Kind. David Asimeng, or popularly known as "InDaviduall" is in his lane. Hailing from New York with Ghanaian roots, InDaviduall is an illustrator and animator. If you've ever seen a Love Languages thread depicting Black couples pop up on your Instagram, *psssstt* he's the creator!

Starting at a young age, David expressed himself through his artwork. After realizing that one of his childhood tv shows didn't have any characters that looked like him, David decided to create a character for himself. From that point on, his imagination took over, and it's been on since then.

InDaviduall addresses many topics through his artwork, but three cover the others: his Love of God, Black Love, and African Pride. He has created art based off of popular tv shows and films, Black pop culture, and love languages to name a few others.

David's most recent and mind blowing series, Huemans, does an amazing job of intertwining the all of these things, as well as, personality types related to the hues. If you've never seen yourself in anything else, you will find yourself in Huemans. This will allow you to learn more about yourself and others in the best way through this series.

Check out InDaviduall's work below and stay tuned so you don't miss out!

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