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April is National Poetry Month

Did You Know?

Created in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, April became recognized as National Poetry Month and declared so by past President Bill Clinton. The purpose of this month is to increase awareness of poets and their art within the United States. The acknowledgement has also spread to Canada.

Every April, libraries, schools, Poetry organizations, and more, take the time to share prompts, highlight popular and new poets, and inspire others to try out the art form. For Faith based poets, there are also some organizations and entities that have created spaces to encourage this gifting with Christ in mind.

So. In celebration of National Poetry Month, for those inspired, intrigued, or just down for a challenge, here is a poetry prompt:

"Write a poem about a blessed beat."

Mull on it. Pull from it what one would. Go for it!

If you write one, BlessedBeatz wants to see it! Share it with us on social media!

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