CHH Radio Personality Challenges Mainstream Hip-Hop To Shift The Culture

Morning Show On-Air Personality at 91.7 FM NGEN and our Blessed Beatz Live Syndicated weekend show host Marcus Sullivan also known as "Marcus In the Morning' recently dropped a positive Hip-hop song challenging the mainstream hip-hop culture to "Shift The Culture".

"It's time out for the shoot'em up, twerk it up, smoke it up, make a man give you money, steal your girl type of music," says Marcus. You can hear Marcus on the airwaves daily promoting hope, inspiration, and positive vibes Monday-Friday 6-10 am on 91.7 FM. "I decided to reach out the some of CHH's (Christian Hip-hop's) biggest artist and collaborate on a song encouraging a shift in the culture. At a time when the whole world is hurting and hoping to see an end to a world pandemic plus the tension between Blacks, Whites, and blue the time is right. The song 'Shift The Culture has become extremely popular within the CHH industry and he is hoping to gain the ears and attention of the mainstream audience.

Hear Shift The Culture here

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