Happy New Year - Vision Board

Happy New Year!

2017 is officially here! I made a vision board and that's what I wan to tell you about. This is how you make your 2017 goals. By the way, it's not too late

1. Buy a poster

2. write your name and 2017 on a piece of construction paper. Cut around it and glue at the top of the poster.

3. Write at least 12 things that you want to improve at in the new year.

4. Print out pictures of what you wrote to get better at.

5. Print at least 1 inspiring quote

6. Done!

Now that we know how to make your vision board here is what's on mine.

I want to get better at:

Reading & focusing (read more) Readiness (getting prepared)

Neatness (keeping my room clean & organized) Thankfulness (being grateful & gracious)

Coordinating my outfits Improving my math skills

Youtube channel Eating healthy

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