Time Names President Elect Donald Trump Person of The Year 2016

Rather or not you have agreed with any of his outlandish statements regarding race, women and taxes you can not deny the fact the President Elect Donald Trump has had a major impact in 2016. Thus leading Time Magazine to name the Chairman and President of The Trump Organization Person of The Year 2016.

In a 4 and a half minute video released online by Time Magazine, Editor-in-Chief, Nancy Gibbs explains that no one else has had a greater impact this year than Donald Trump.

"It's hard to argue that anyone had more influence than Donald Trump over the events of this year."

Many took to social media to voice their opinions. A few agreed with Times choice saying that he beat the odds while others disagreed.

In my honest opinion, Times Magazine was correct in declaring Donald Trump as Person of The Year 2016. If a man who bragged freely about sexually assaulting women and referred to it as locker room can become our President, then there is always hope for you. Watching him throughout this entire ordeal, I learned 2 valuable lessons: 1. Trust Your Dopeness. Trump was so confident in himself that he did not need any celebrities to back him up(& no Kanye West saying that he would have voted for Trump does not count.)

" I didn't get Beyonce', Jay-Z or Bruce Springsteen to get crowds, I had just me and ideas people wanted to hear."

2. Shoot your Shot(go for it!) What are you waiting for? Regardless if its asking someone for their number or chasing your dreams, like Nike says, Just Do It! After all Donald Trump didn't poses any qualifications to run for President but he did and he won!

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