Hoverboards To Hit The Market Soon

Arca Space, a New Mexico-based corporation that specializes in aerospace vehicles for private use—like electric-powered airplanes—has launched the ArcaBoard.

The ArcaBoard, a large rectangular overboard with dimensions of 4 feet and 7 inches long, The board is lifted by 36 battery powered electric ducted fans, that can will glide a foot off any surface at a maximum speed of 12.5mph and can even be navigated using your phone.

The company is confident that its hoverboard is the “revolutionary breakthrough” in transportation the world has been waiting for since the invention of the airplane, adding on its website that users “will be able to fly anytime, anywhere.” But that claim could be seen as ambitious, given the ArcaBoard can only fly for a maximum of six minutes (or three minutes, if you weigh over 243 lbs) and takes 35 minutes to recharge.

Regardless of the limitations of the board at this point this is still something to be excited about and look forward to. Check out the promo documentary video below.

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