Zae Ortiz Talks How Often Should New Artist Drop New Music

New artist Zae Ortiz stops and talks about his work ethic and relationships as the new artist to the genre. Marcus Sullivan has a new top 10 songs while DJ Tony Tone brings the heat with another mix.

New music this week

Trave Nicole- Spoken Word

I cannot wait to share my first album release with you all! Because it’s the first, I’m making this one special 💛 Thank you to those of you who have shared and promoted it, and purchased your ticket for the release. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, what are you waiting for? Click the link and join the countdown!

Lyrical 23-- New Vibe

Praise is what I do🙏🏼

When I want to be close to You💕

I lift my hands in praise

Praise is who I am

I will praise You while I can

I'll bless You at all times

Ty Scott King-- No Rewind

Just posted up thinking about how I released a single and a video during a pandemic!

Vanessa Hill- Alive

I HAVE A WHOLE SQUAD TO THANK. GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. You will see me tag these people in my next 50 posts as well as one dedicated to them so just be aware 🤗

Executive Producer: @8mos_music

Production: @8mos_music

Additional Production: @k3yboarrdkid

Synth Bass: @go2mikehob

Engineers: @8mos_music & @beatboyent1

Photography: @karissarochelle

Cover Art: @cristalestediaz

Lyrics/Vocal Production: me 🙃

Doo Boy Coy- The Flesh Must Die

It’s a constant battle but somebody has to do it. Why not you? The Flesh Must Die by DooBoyCoy available everywhere music is. Digg it or don’t regardless it’s all love.

JD Welsey -- Favored

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