What If...

As the world is going through the same thing basically at the same time, it has everyone thinking the same thing at the same time as well. When will this be over? When I look on social media, I can't count how many posts or live videos I see where people are stating that they are bored and ready to get back out (mostly for leisure activities) or just get back to the norm (whatever their norm is).

But, during my time of quarantine, it has me thinking of another question. What If?

Before I get into the "what if", let me be clear, I don't think this virus or pandemic is God's creation but the Stay Home/ Work Safe or aka "sit still" is definitely a moment for GOD to show that he is still God. Which brings to me the question of "What If".

What if in this time of "sit still" God...

Is allowing the Earth to heal from the daily punishment we put it through.

Is allowing the sky to recover from an abundance amount of car pollution.

is allowing the fish in the waters to reproduce

is allowing the grounds we walk on /dig up to have a break

is allowing the "global warming" that we always talk about to fix itself

What if in this time of school closings and canceled events God...

Prevented yet another mass shooting

Prevented another school shooting

Stopped another inappropriate teacher-student relationship

Stopped viral school fight videos

What if in this time of closed clubs, bars and restaurants and social distancing God

Stopped another friend or loved one from a club shooting

Eliminated meeting that future "dead beat dad"

Eliminated that future crazy "baby mamma"

Stopped a random hook up and prevented that STD

Prevented the late-night drunk driving accident or DUI

Prevented the rush hour fatality on the roads

What if in this time of Stay Home God

Repaired a broken family bond

Healed your marriage

Taught you something about your kids

Allowed you that rest you need from all that "going hard"

What if in this time God

Created time in that busy schedule of yours for prayer.


What If.......

IG: @marcusSullivanLive

Twitter: @MarcusESullivan

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