{Watch} 5-Year-Old On Autism Spectrum Rides Bike On 1st Try!!!

Good news/Feel Good Story: Autism is a journey as a parent I never expected but, I sure do love my tour guide!! Everyday my son amazes me showing me the world through his eyes. He’s had his bike sitting in the garage for two years never really had the desire to ride it. Today, during his home schooling break he said he wanted to be a big boy and has been watching his brother and now wanted to go all the way around the block without training wheels. On the first try he nailed it!!! Parents with kids on the spectrum I live by this motto: If they can’t learn the way we teach...we teach the way they learn!! AUTISM = Always Unique Totally Intelligent Sometimes Mysterious IG: @MarcusSullivanLive IG @BlessedBeatzLive

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