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Underground and Upcoming: Czar Josh

Artist Highlight: Czar Josh

Young. Talented. Regal. CZAR Josh, born as Joshua McMillion, is a hip hop artist, creative, and game changer. Born in Virginia but raised in East Georgia, Czar Josh's music is oiled down in southern style.

Czar Josh, freshmen to Hip Hop with legend dripping off his lyrics, released his first EP in 2018, "For Your Heart". He has performed and opened for popular CHH artists, Swoope, KJ-52, and Aaron Cole. Creating waves on Instagram with his "Retro Rap" videos, Czar has showcased his lyrical skills and ability to flip history and speak on his present life and faith thorough music.

With his collective, Culture Villians, Josh released a compilation album in 2019. The album charted in the Top 50 on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts. Accompanying his music, Josh has chosen to show his intent in being a true creative. Crossing over into clothing, Josh recently created the "Nappy Ave Brand", where the goal is to "celebrate Blackness through Art & Apparel".

Dropped last Friday, Czar Josh released his newest single, "Regal" featuring his brothers in music, Kham (Culture Villian member) and Seni. "It ain't easy being regal like this..."

Check out the song below and stay tuned for the next Artist Highlight in Underground and Upcoming!

IG: (@czarjoshmusic); YouTube: Czar Josh Website: https://nappyavebrand.com/

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