Tyson vs Jones Jr. Battle of Two Legends... Old legends!

It looks like there soon will be a battle of 50-something legends in the ring.

Mike Tyson, 54, will fight 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr., in an eight-round exhibition boxing match,

The pair will fight Sept. 12 at Carson, Calif.'s Dignity Health Sports Park, home of the Los Angeles Chargers the past three seasons. The fighters won't wear headgear but will fight with slightly larger gloves, likely 12-ounce gloves.

“This isn’t a situation where they’re going out there to try to take each other’s heads off,” Foster told Yahoo Sports. “They’re just going to be in there moving around the ring and letting fans see these legends.”

In the past few months, Tyson has wowed people on social media with training videos showing still fairly quick hands and what looks like good power. There were rumors that he would fight Evander Holyfield for charity.

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