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This is more than "Just Music" this is MINISTRY

Last week we talked about the new energy from new artist. It seems that 2024 is shaping up to be the year of the new artist. This year alone the Blessed beatz show has introduced more ew artist that we did the entire last year. Artist from the West Coast and the northern part of the country has made noise this year. Insert the south!!!! As one classic Iconic rapper once said " The South got something to say"! New Artist from Baton, Louisiana JaeShaun Tays simply said this about his new music. his is more than "Just Music" this is MINISTRY. Check him out in the New Music segment in segment 4 and let us know what you think.. On this week's show Mark White from Alabama has his make a difference minute and the ladies from the Real + Refined show are dropping lots of new content. Check out the top 15 songs of the week with Marcus Sullivan right here

Top 15 Songs

(2/2- 2/9)

15. Fruits Of My Labor - Caleb Gordon

14. Add it up - Lecrae

13. Nutone- Wait On 12. - Perry Lane- Hulvey

11. Big God -Terrain

10. 40- Steven. Malcom

9. Vic Lucas- Let You Down

8. Worship- Mike Teezy

7. Derek Minor Vibrations

6. Shelter- Tori Kelley

5. Mission Marvelous 4. Favorite Trapper - 1K Phew

3. Mmmmm- Caleb Gordon

2. If I Tried - Henrik

1. Solo - Ryan Ellis

Make A Difference Minute

Real + Refined Podcast

New Music


released latest album “9:19” on November 17, 2023

John Levi

Cliff West


Listen to the full show here

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