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The Show That Made A Difference

This week on the Blessed Beatz Live show it's all about making a difference in the lives of the NOW generation. We talk to Elegant Love and team up with them on a nation-wide effort to get donations to buy teen bibles for youth boys and girls. Today's generation of teens face issues and problems much more difficult than every generation. Our goal this show was to unite as many believers as possible to give to the efforts. Also Mark White brings his make a difference minute and Marcus Sullivan has the top 10 songs from around the nation.

Top 10 Songs

(12/02/22- 12/09/22)

10. Jireh (My Provider) Lecrae & Hapi, Limoblaze 9. Home Coming- Trip Lee 8. Fake It - Tauren Wells ft aaron cole

7. Trophy Gvng - Brandon P feat Mission

6. Holy Ground Tadashii 5 Be alright - Evan Craft 4. Spread The opps - Lecrae 3. I Ain’t Playing -Steven Malcolm 2 Up- Tauren Wells

1. KB Graves

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