Speak Out Inc 2019 Domestic Violence 5K Run/Walk

Radio personality Southern Girl Deniece host of "The Not So Christian In Me Show, spoke at the Speak Out Inc 2019 Domestic Violence 5K Run/Walk.

SPEAK OUT INC. is a nonprofit organization (501c3) that is based out of Houston TX. Founded by Cherlyn K. Latham, which officially started June of 2018 and has been successful in reaching 7,800 individuals through several media outlets. They are known for the play SPEAK OUT that deals with domestic violence. Speak Out mission is to bring awareness and educate those who are conquering domestic violence in Houston and surrounding communities. If you would like more information about their organization, feel free to reach out to them https://www.speakoutinc.org/

If you would like to partner up with Blessed Beatz, please feel free to bless us with an inquiry. We would love to help bring awareness to your organization.

Be sure to tune in to "The Not So Christian In Me Show" each and every Friday from 8pm-9pm CST on the all new Blessed Beatz Radio.

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