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Patriots release Julian Edelman

Contract Terminated After 'Failed Physical'

The New England Patriots have released 3x Super Bowl Champion, and 1x Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman. Edelman’s contract was terminated and is listed as a failed physical.

Many will began to wonder what is next for Edelman after playing 11 seasons with one organization, that being the New England Patriots. One option immediately comes to mind and that is join his former teammates Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in Tampa Bay.

Brady has always loved Julian Edelman. He's a hard working receiver who doesn’t stand out with insane intangibles such as being 6”4 with freaking 40 yard dash time. Instead, he is a great route runner, tough as nails, and one of those guys you’d love to go to war with on the field because of how he will always have your back with the relentlessness he shows.

Brady and Edelman have shown to be quite the tandem when together as well. Edelman has caught 580 passes from Brady along with 6,311 yards and 47 touchdowns in the 127 games they’ve played together. Bruce Arians, coach of the Buccaneers, made a huge decision last year to sign WR Antonio Brown who Brady was vouching for the team to sign, and it paid off in the Super Bowl as he had an ultimate game sealing touchdown. This move could have the same notion.

However, Edelman might just decide that he’s had a great career after 11 seasons and 3 Super Bowl championships along with being MVP for one of those and hang up his cleats. Either way, Edelman has had a great career and at worst will be remembered as one of the best New England Patriots of all time.

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