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Limiting Beliefs--- The Lies We Tell Ourselves

When we were born we were truly innocent. Our brains were like a garden just waiting to be planted with seeds, nurtured and waiting to thrive.

As we developed, our personal experiences, our environments, our joys and our traumas began to shape how we viewed the world and how we viewed ourselves within that world.

Science tells us that up until the age of 7 we are constantly ‘downloading’ information into our brains. Each one of us downloads different narratives based on our individual experiences, traumas and joys. This week on the show the real and refined show talk about limiting beliefs and the lies we tell ourself. In Segment 4 Dj Wiz has a new mix, Mark White makes a difference in a minute in segment 2 and Marcus Sullivan has the top 10 songs of the week.

Top 10 Songs


10. LOOK UP TO THE SKY- LATHAN WARLICK 9. NO LONGER BOUND HULVEY 8. Running Out Of Love - Jay Way 7. No L’s Miles Minnick ft bizzle

6. Like The Weekend - Brandon P 5. God Made A Way - What up RG 4.A littler More - Mike Teezy 3. Caleb Gordon Medicine Love 2. Wining - Wande 1.KB - Glory to Glory

The Morning Meet Up

3 Signs Your Breakthrough Is Coming

Check out the full show here

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