JD Wesley Brings A New Sound To Gospel

Artist Spotlight -. This week we get a perfect blend of Gospel soul and CHH when JD Wesley Stops through and explains why and how he mix- es both genres in his work. Marcus Sullivan has the Top 10 song of the week. DJ Tony Tone is keeping you moving with the mix show and your new CHH music is banging. AZ Christ-Like, Leah Da Light, Vanessa Hill, Doo Boy Coy, & Hosny Bronx all raise the bar with new hot music.

New Music This Week

Vanessa Hill- Alive

I HAVE A WHOLE SQUAD TO THANK. GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. You will see me tag these people in my next 50 posts as well as one dedicated to them so just be aware 🤗

Executive Producer: @8mos_music

Production: @8mos_music

Additional Production: @k3yboarrdkid

Synth Bass: @go2mikehob

Engineers: @8mos_music & @beatboyent1

Photography: @karissarochelle

Cover Art: @cristalestediaz

Lyrics/Vocal Production: me 🙃

Doo Boy Coy- The Flesh Must Die

It’s a constant battle but somebody has to do it. Why not you? The Flesh Must Die by DooBoyCoy available everywhere music is. Digg it or don’t regardless it’s all love.

AZ Christ-Like - Roller Coaster

On October 23, 2020, my newest single is set to release. “ROLLER COASTER” I believe this song will definitely encourage many with HOPE!

2020 has been a year of ups & downs

Rounds & rounds just like a ROLLER COASTER. But we will continue to hold on for life!

Sound Engineer credits: @mixbybrandon phenomenal with making this song a real masterpiece!

Leah Da Light- Whole Family Saved

My heart behind my new single.

“Whole Family Saved” Out Now!!

Glory to God!!! 🤩💚🙌🏾

Hosny Bronx- My Life


Production, recording, Lead & backing vocals, all instruments: Hosny Bronx

Drums,Mixed & mastered by Mario "Syantis" Lawrence in Kingston, Jamaica

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