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Gospel Legend Fred Hammond Tests Positive for COVID-19, Quarantined at home

Grammy-winning gospel artist, Fred Hammond, openly speaks about contracting the coronavirus the one time he decided to go out in public without a mask on. 

The Detroit native who now lives in Dallas shared a four-minute video on Instagram Saturday explaining his situation with the caption, “Mask is not a political statement. Blessings family.”

Hammond had previously shared on his Instagram story that he went to be tested for COVID-19 on Monday. “I just wanted to say that this is day five of quarantine because the results on Monday came back positive for COVID,” said Hammond.

As his song ‘No Weapon’ plays in the background, Hammond continues to vulnerably share how he has felt and what his team of physicians are doing. 

“I think the rough weekend was last weekend, but my doctor says she doesn’t know what side of it I’m on. She doesn’t know what side I’m on so she’s keeping me very monitored. I have a doctor that’s with me, cares for me pretty much throughout the day and I have three doctors on speed dial to ask any questions I want.” 

Hammond said that he is usually more cautious with his health, but he had a moment of disregarding the mask protocols which made him vulnerable to the coronavirus. 

“I’m a mask wearer but I let my guard down one place. A couple of my other family members also tested positive and one had to be rushed to the hospital. But, they’re out now and recuperating. 

According to Hammond, despite the severity of COVID-19, there is a bright side to him contracting the virus now verses in the past. 

“The good thing about this is if this had happened to me last year on the commission tour, I probably wouldn’t have made because I was really sick. This year, you guys have walked with me through surgeries and… for the first time in about ten years when I went to get checked out in September for my physical, all my labs were green. Thank God for that so that now that this has come, I have a better chance if fighting it.”

Hammond said he is in good spirits and puts his trust in God’s hands.  “I have good hope,” Hammond detailed. “I’m on my vitamins, green tea, ginger tea. Keep us in your prayers. 

“You can’t worry about it, it is what it is, God is in control. One thing that I’m positive about is it’s in God’s hands. We stand on the word that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. Our testimony helps other people.” 

As he came to the conclusion of the video, Hammond encourages viewers to protect themselves and take ownership of their health. “Wear your masks family,” Hammond said. “Be diligent and vigilant because it’s out here. We gotta take care of ourself.”  

Saturday evening, Hammond shared a tribute to Rance Allen, his mentor and lead singer of the Rance Allen Group, who died in Sylvania, Ohio, recovering from a medical procedure, at the age of 71 on October 31st.  Allen’s home going service was live streamed on Facebook Saturday morning. 

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