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George Rose Brings The "Rizz" To CHH

This week the homie George Rose stops through the show and goes one-on-one with Marcus and introduces "rizz" to the CHH genre. The term & the song. He talks his beginnings coming from mainstream hip-hop and how he manages social media.

Mark White has his make a difference minute from Alabama, Love Desiree continues to impress in the new music and Marcus has the top 10 songs of the week.

Top 10 S0ngs Of the Week


10. Running Out Of Love - Jay Way 9. LOOK UP TO THE SKY- LATHAN WARLICK 8. Bird’s Eye View -Matthew Parker 7. Like The Weekend - Brandon P 6. NO LONGER BOUND HULVEY

5. No L’s Miles Minnick ft bizzle 4.God Made A Way - What up RG 3. A littler More - Mike Teezy 2. Wining - Wande

1.Caleb Gordon Medicine

Make A Difference Minute

Artist Spotlight

New Music

Hey y’all. My very first song is out NOW. The single is called “Breathe”. It’s been a LONG time coming, but we’re here 😁. Life is hard sometimes…ALOT 😂, but we just have to remember to breathe, be still, and know that He is God. Being still is hard when the fight seems unbearable, but it’s worth it. I pray that this reaches who it needs to reach and heal who it needs to heal. Click the link in my bio to support ya girl and celebrate kingdom music. It’s always a vibe when God is on our side. Enjoy and be blessed 💜🙏🏾 P.S. It’s on all music platforms 😁…just give it some time to appear on them. Love y’all 💜 -————————— “Breathe” by Me 🙈😁💜🙌🏾 -—————————

Listen to the full show here

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