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From The Flavor Of Love To Christian Hip-Hop "Myammee" Talks Her Rise Onto The Music Scene

Angela "Myammee" Pitts first hit the national scene from her appearances in reality TV on one of the most popular shows "Flavor of Love". Since then she has been making huge noise as a Christian Hip-Hop artist. Bringing a whole new swag to the genre she talks her days in reality TV and her latest single.

" When Nicki Minaj and Tasha Cobb did that song " I'm getting ready" that was it for me" says Myammee.

She's getting ready to change the face of CHH. Through her podcast, social media , major swag and bars Myammee is set out to heat up summer 2021 with a new single. Also, host Marcus Sullivan has the top 10 CHH songs of the week and the new music segment sizzles! Hear the full interview and show here.

Artist to watch for


If this summer hasn’t shown itself to be a #hotone already my new single #Royal definitely bringin da heat #JAM#KOH

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