Doo Boy Coy Talks CHH and dying to the flesh daily

Doing music in a faith-based genre, tons of artists have different stories on how they got to the industry. Rarely do they give the struggles that they still deal with as they continue to grow in their walk. Doo Boy Coy is different. He stops through the show and talks about dying to the flesh daily an what he wants from the CHH industry.

Also, Marcus Sullivan has the top 10 songs int he country, reporter Quinton R. Jiles is back with National news, and Dj Tony brings the heat with a brand new mix.

Make sure you also check out the new music section on the show. New artists like Lita Rodi sets the bar high with his new project.

The Blessed Beatz live show is a weekend syndicated show that airs in over 80 cities and Toronto & Ottawa in Canada. Missed the show live, Catch the replay here.

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