Coronavirus testing site in Houston Texas massive lines.

For people that don’t think this Coronavirus is serious. For the "It's just the Flu" people. For the "I don't need to wear a mask" people. For the "It's Fake News" people. For the "that's what our immune system is for". For the "if it's my time... it's my time" It's July 1st and people are still getting sick. People are real-life passing away from this. Sad that in our nation some people have managed to make this political rather than care for another human. Houston has become a hotbed and the lines are getting longer. If this doesn't mean anything to you at least protect another person that this could seriously affect. It is time out for politics. As a nation, we need to pray first and then take all precautions to end this together. Instagram @MarcusSullivanLive Instagram @BlessedBeatzLive

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