Chiari Awareness Walk

The Not So Christian In Me Show @blessedbeatzmedia attended the 3rd Annual Chiari Awareness Walk presented by Dawn Keys the founder of Shared Smiles by DM LLC. "Bring Awareness by Sharing a Smile”

The Chiari Awareness walk was held on September 22nd, 2019 from 9-2pm at The Ballroom at Bayou Place in Houston, TX.

Chiari Malformation (CM)is a condition that consists in herniation of the lower part of the brain, and cerebellum in which brain tissue extends downward into the spinal cord. It creates pressure on the brain therefore causing severe chronic discomfort and other disabling symptoms.

For more information contact

Also be sure to check out "The Not So Christian In Me Show" every Friday from 8-9pm CST.

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