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Broncos trade for QB Teddy Bridgewater

The Carolina Panthers are trading to QB Teddy Bridgewater to the Denver Broncos for a sixth-round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft on Thursday.

Teddy Bridgewater only played one season in Carolina after succeeding current New England Patriot QB Cam Newton after he left the Carolina Panthers.

Unlike Newton, Bridgewater did not see any succeed with the Carolina Panthers after having being benched late into the season and missing playoffs. Some people would argue Bridgewater was still dealing with nagging injuries and this is why his play was the way it is. Taking that into account, Denver may be the perfect place for him.

Denver Broncos have very low expectations after another disappointing season. Broncos had the absolute worst happen to them this past year. Star player and former Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, got hurt before the season started and missed the whole year. Along with this, the Broncos had a situation in which all of their quarterbacks were exposed to COVID-19 and literally played a game without an actual quarterback listed on roster suiting up (they had to use their scout team wide receiver who played quarterback in college). Overall, Bridgewater may be able to get back to his ways as he was with the Saints when Drew Brees got hurt with no immense pressure or high expectations on him.

Irony exists within this trade as well as it can be made that Sam Darnold has now caused both of Teddy Bridgewater‘s trades. In 2018, the New York Jets traded Bridgewater in training camp after using the No. 3 overall pick on Sam Darnold.

Now fast forward three years later, in 2021, the Carolina Panthers are trading Bridgewater after acquiring Darnold from the Jets. The situation is very unique. I don’t think any other player has been traded due to the same player twice but that’s just how peculiar the NFL can be.

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