Being A Tru & Free Child Of God

This week artists Tru & Free Child Of God stops through and discusses what it means to work in a industry where the mission is more to point people to the cross than to win grammys with hit songs. With their new single "I'm The Plug' they break it down what it means to be the plug simply because Christ is the source.

"My peers are still trying to pick their jaws up off the floor because they couldn't believe he could rap. You can't stop what God ordained" says Free.

Check out the full episode here.

Top 10 Songs This week

10. Activate- Tadashii

9. Woo - wande

8. I Trust You - Jonathan Trailor 7. On The Rise- Jay Way 6. Otherside- Hulvey 5. The Name- KB 4. Mamma Taught Me - Andy Mineo 3. Let It Reign _ KB 2. Otherside- Hulvey 1. Sunday Morning - Lacrae ft. Kirk Franklin

New Artist This Week

V- Squad - Mission

Siv- Shine

Rodmann x3 -Worship

Zae Ortiz- Holy Roller

Ric Meeks - Down For A Minute

Tru- The Plug

Wars- Montell Fish

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