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Baylor Bears win the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship

The Baylor Bears have won the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball title after defeating the Gonzaga Bulldogs in convincing fashion, 86-70. This is the first national championship for the men’s Baylor Bears basketball team.

This trip to the Final Four was Baylor’s first since 1950. Over 70 years since the Baylor Bears went to the Final Four and not only did they make it this year they also won the National title. Baylor finished the regular season 27-2 with 13 wins in conference and only one loss in conference as well. Baylor was looking like the champions all season after a great regular season and then entering and winning the Big 12 Championship.

Baylor was led tonight by a monster performance by guard Jared Butler who finished with 22 points and 7 assists, being the first player to finish with 20 or more points and 7 or more assists since Carmelo Anthony at Syracuse University. Following Butler, team was led by fellow guard Davion Mitchell who had 15 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists.

Baylor just looked like the better team from the jump. The Bears never lost a led once in the game and kept the high intensity and physics play throughout the entire game. Baylor simply had that want more than Gonzaga as they were diving on loose balls, running to get every rebound, and hustling harder. In beating the bulldogs, Baylor prevents Gonzaga from going onto an undefeated season.

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