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B Radical Highlights CHH Culture In Memphis

This week on the show artist B Radical stops through from Memphis and puts a spotlight on the CHH genre in the city. Mark White has a double play with the make a difference minute. Marcus Sullivan has the top 10 songs from around the nation and new music from Love Desiree


Drop everything, push for your dreams, jump, and never look back! Then again, where

to start after letting it all go? Finances are more than low, debt is bigger than our duplex,

resources are limited, no rainy day funds; yet, we have a Dream, a dream that will restore the

hearts of humanity back to HOPE! Coming straight out of Orange Mound, Memphis, TN, B

Radical is an upcoming New Artist bringing that raw fire to the streets. Formerly known as B

Kelly, this 34-year-old male oddity was born in Lafayette, LA, relocating to Memphis, TN at age

7. When he heard his older brother Willie Wright spitting bars in the bedroom his mind was

instantly attracted. At the age of 9, rhyming changed from curiosity to pursuit from pursuit to

passion. In 2016 BRadical began to hit the scene with his first debut song called “Psalm 23”

with his wife doing the hook. LOVE turned his talents into a gift and FAITH united them into 1

unique sound. When you take 2 gifts, 2 passions, 2 visions, and convert them into 1, the sky is

not the limit but only the beginning. They're offering the best of both worlds. They have 1

FAITH, 1 LOVE, and 1 SOUND that can not be duplicated. This couple has lived through the

struggles of persistent hardships, growing pains, poverty and counted the losses which gave their

music a whole new meaning. While the storms of life raged, this couple allowed LOVE to

CONQUER ALL! BRadical was given a VISION-a MISSION-a PURPOSE; RLove accepted

the vision and now they’re on a mission to pursue purpose. Having done numerous of shows in

and out of state they're now extending their reach to expand their voice globally. Eager to bring

a new wave of energy BRadical is on the rise to change the world of music with a message of

reality in a radical fashion with his wife, RLove following closely. 2022 BRadical dropped his

first Mixtape project titled "You Say That I'm Gangster" with part 2 dropping in the latter 20223.

This family man of 3 wants to show the mass how to handle it all with power and authenticity all

while being radical! Their overall message is is a power force of its own!


6/23- 6/30

10. New Church - 1K phew

9. Mess It Up -Gio

8. Bird’s Eye View -Matthew Parker

7. No L’s Miles Minnick ft Bizzle

6. Look Up To The Sky - Lathan Warlick

5. No Longer Bound - Hulvey

4.Wining - Wande

3. Caleb Gordon Medicine

2. God Made A Way - What up RG

1. A littler More - Mike Teezy

New Music

desireemariej Hey y’all. My very first song is out NOW. The single is called “Breathe”. It’s been a LONG time coming, but we’re here 😁. Life is hard sometimes…ALOT 😂, but we just have to remember to breathe, be still, and know that He is God. Being still is hard when the fight seems unbearable, but it’s worth it. I pray that this reaches who it needs to reach and heal who it needs to heal. Click the link in my bio to support ya girl and celebrate kingdom music. It’s always a vibe when God is on our side. Enjoy and be blessed 💜🙏🏾 P.S. It’s on all music platforms 😁…just give it some time to appear on them. Love y’all 💜 -————————— “Breathe” by Me 🙈😁💜🙌🏾 -—————————

Listen to the full show here

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