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3 Christian Hip-Hop Songs that mention Kobe Bryant

This week the world all mourned after hearing the tragic loss of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. Bryant suddenly died in a helicopter crash along-side his daughter and 7 others. Gold Medal and a handful of MVP awards. it wasn't uncommon to hear a Kobe Bryant reference in a hip-hop song from some of the industry's biggest artists. The CHH (Christian Hip-Hop) artist made it pretty common as well.

Here are 3 CHH songs that made mention the NBA great.

1. Andy Mineo - You Can't Stop Me.

"Or like Kobe in Toronto, huh ... dropping 81.

2. 1K Phew - How We Coming

"So with God on my side, We Shaq and Kobe"

3. Swoope - Hall of Fame

"Shooting more shot than Kobe Bryant vs four guys paling contra"

Check out the lyrics and let me know what you think.

IG: @MarcusSullivanLive


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