Huge shout out to Joel, Stephanie Heath, Raphael and Aisha Moffett!!! What a great event to glorify God! For this to be a first event, it went great. Speaking to Joel (Houston Texan DE), he is truly an unapologetic about his walk and stand for God. This is a rare situation for the modern athlete where everything can be taken offensively. The premise of Hopen Mic Night is an opportunity to share your God-given talent with the world. Recording artist Davies and Von Won blessed the mic and got the crowd going. NOT ONE act was mediocre and I've attached a video to prove it. The goal has been set to have one Hopen Mic Night each month! Come out and support the next one July 20, 2019 at 1120 Naylor St, Houston TX.

Thanks to Blessed Beatz Morning Show Host Dia Martin for a great interview!

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