Closet Chats Screening Party

They say no one likes to air out their dirty laundry, and we all have a little skeleton in our closet. What do you do get when you invite your best friends and the rest of the world into your closet? You get closet chats! Last night the Blessed Beatz Media team was invited to a private screening for new topical show called "Closet Chats" that is to air on Facebook Watch. The hosts Earlene Buggs "The Physician", Christina Murray "The Peacemaker", and Felicia Henderson "The Philosopher" are three best friends that tackle tough issues that many of us have a challenge addressing.

Closet Chats hosts

(Pictured Left to Right: Christina Murray, Earlene Buggs, Felicia Henderson)

Photo Credit: Charmaine Moore

Photo credit: Christopher "C. Allen" Allen

Closet Chats is a stylishly transparent show that is intended to reflect the depth of conversations close friends love to have with one another, The show is produced by Issac Yowman, the CEO of Iyo Visuals. All episodes of the shows are filmed in the miraculous closet of host Earlene Buggs.

After a premier of one of the first seasonal opening, the ladies shared their inspiration behind their topics.

Earlene Buggs opened up about how difficult it had been to transition into the woman that she has become. In rare form she acknowledged that "the hardest loss to grieve is the one of someone that is still alive". While in accord with her fellow co-host Christina becomes transparent about current transitions she is facing in her personal life, and how she is balancing out the emotions of her L's and W's. Felicia Henderson "The Philosopher" gave and open and honest response about the importance of knowing your "circle" and your "corner". She exclaimed that, "a friend will either help you face your truth, or help you live your lie."

(Pictured Above: Irishea Hilliard

(Pictured Above: Mia Wright)

(Pictured Above: J Mulan)

(Pictured Above: Chaseray & Mattie Harvey)

(Pictured Above: Pat Smith)

The event was hosted in the home of Earlene and Holton Buggs and included an impressive guest list of close friends, family, and supporters. Some including young business mogul J. Mulan, "The Harveys of Houston" Chaseray & Mattie Harvey, pastor Irishea Hilliard, and wife of Emmitt Smith, Patricia Smith,

The energy in the room was electric, and the theme of the show was clearly represented. For a full recap of the event check out the video below:

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