Bronner Bros Hair Show

The Not so Christian In Me Show was invited to attend the 2019 Bronner Bros International Hair Show in New Orleans, La. on March 30, 2019. Bronner Bros show is a well known event that is hosted twice a year in Atlanta, Ga. This company was founded in 1947 to educate cosmetologist and provide high quality beauty products. It is the largest and best multicultural beauty show globally, and continues the legacy of inspiring and improving lives for generations to come. Field Correspondent Kyra Harris had great things to say about this event; "Bronner Bros is so inspiring, especially with being a licensed cosmetologist. The education you receive from the stylist as well as the opportunity to explore creativity using hair as your canvas is AMAZING." While at the show she shares her experience of meeting Top stylist in the industry as well as some celebrities ranging from Bow Wow, Da Real B Judy, local stylist Patric Bradley, Razor Chic, Cynthia Bailey, Derek J and many more. She shares how the highlight of the show was watching the FANTASY hair competition, "Seeing all stylist from all nationalities competing to crown the title of 1st place motivates many people to explore their creativity in all aspects of hair and fashion." While there were many entertainment events being held; comedy show with Marlon Wayne, Hair Battles, they also hosted a non-denominational church service that Sunday morning. This event was EPIC and we thank Bonner Bros for inviting us to attend.

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