Rapper Yung Al Special Announcement

There is an undeniable buzz that surrounds Yung Al, the rapper who is on his way to becoming one of the next top artists from the Houston music scene. With his use of imagery, Yung Al draws listeners in with creative wordplay, relatable content and a distinct sound. Yung Al released his highly sought after song "Jungle Freestyle" in early 2017 which reached over 7 million views. After experiencing a life changing trauma of being shot in 2018 and almost losing his life, Al recovered and begin to work with youth of Houston to share his story in hope to motivate them.

In 2019, he earned his first-ever Go DJ Award for “Breakthrough Artist of the Year,” a nod to the young rapper’s raw talent and recognition for his relentless hustle.

Yung Al made a special announcement today at his Media Conference. He is now signed to 7 Kings Entertainment Record label.

Special thanks to @freegameproductions for stepping up to the plate to cover @al_behind_tint Yung Al media conference on behalf of @thenotsochristianinmeshow. Congratulations

@al_behind_tint for your contract with @7kingsent. We at @thenotsochristianinmeshow wish you much success. May God continue to bless you. Special thanks to @latorria_l for always creating a platform for Artists and Entrepreneurs.

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