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Man Arrested After Helping Drunk Man Get Home

A black man from Maryland was arrested by police officers after he helped a drunk man get home. Samir Ahmed found the man passed out near his front lawn and walked him back to his house. As Ahmed was returning to his home he was met by police officers who had been called by other neighbors who noticed the intoxicated man was unconscious near the street.

The officers approached Ahmed and as he tried to explain the situation, they said he was intoxicated and claimed that they smelled marijuana. As they tried to search him, Ahmed started cursing out the officers and tried to stop them from searching him. The 18-minute incident was recorded by a neighbor and went viral after it was shared on social media.

One of the officers eventually explained to the person recording the video what happened.

“The little that I know right now, and I’m going to figure out the rest at the station, is that they came up here for the fire rescue call and this guy happened to be in the area and the officer smelled an odor of marijuana coming from him."

Police found a small bag of marijuana on Ahmed and he was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and given a citation for drug possession.

Ahmed believes that the police racially profiled him and his lawyers argue that it was impossible for officers to smell the tiny amount of marijuana he had on him.

He has a court date scheduled for January.

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