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Local Rappers Performance At Schools Upsets Police and Parents

Union president Joe Gamaldi just found out about the pep rally held at Christopr Attucks

and is furious they let OMG Bloodbath perform on the school grounds.

"I find it absolutely abhorrent that any school would allow a gang member, a documented gang member who has a criminal history, come and perform in a gymnasium for a pep rally and talk about shooting people," Gamaldi says. "This is exactly what we try to keep our kids from."

OMB Bloodbath is an up-and-coming rapper from the Third Ward. Her real name is Alexandra Nicks and Gamaldi says she is a member of the 103 gang and she has a lengthy criminal history. It's not just Attucks. He says recently Hightower High School in Fort Bend hosted rapper Kenny Lou for a pep rally. His real name is Kenyon Tennessee. He's a member of the Early Boys gang out of Sunnyside and has an even longer and more violent criminal record than Nicks.

Fort Bend ISD says they have standards for performers and they're supposed to have positive messages. There were no complaints about Kenny Lou.

The Houston Police Department is upset that the two rappers performed and they both have a lengthy criminal background.

"You can still do good," says Kenny Lou. "Even though you have a past, a bad past, it's never too late to change your life."

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