Where will Melo go?

The Oklahoma City Thunder have decided to part ways with Carmelo Anthony this summer after a disappointing season from Anthony. The Thunder will explore different ways to rid themselves of Anthony whether it is via trade, buyout and/or stretch provision. OKC is doing so to save them from $100M of the luxury tax, which currently totals $300M.

Many teams have shown interest in signing Anthony. The top four showing interest have been the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, Washington Wizards, and Golden State Warriors. I personally think that Anthony will end up with either the Rockets or Lakers due to his friendship with star players on each team. Anthony was in the same draft class as LeBron James and the two are close friends off the court, yet he is also good friends with Chris Paul. Adding to this, the Houston Rockets just let Trevor Ariza walk. Ariza signed with the Phoenix Suns and now the Rockets have a need to fill that starting Small Forward spot. LA Lakers, on the other hand, do not necessarily need to fill a spot but president of basketball operations for Lakers, Magic Johnson, is trying to get pieces to fit around James in order to turn the Lakers into a championship team. What better way to do so then getting one of James's friends/prolific scorer Carmelo Anthony?

I have no idea where Carmelo Anthony is going but wherever he goes, he can certainly help a team contend for a championship.

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