These are the stories that you want to go viral. These are the people that you want to root for. Spencer "Surve" Foster is a Christian rap artist and and founder of the first Jesus Sneakers Yahkiks. Like a lot of us from the inner city, Spencer had it rough growing up. "I remember in elementary school the kids use to laugh at me because I couldn't afford new shoes. Today I have my own shoe company you could say I’m like a walking miracle" says Spencer.

Yahshua KiKs and Apparel is not only the first Christian shoe company, it’s the first shoe company designed to support rural development. Growing up a homeless kid who never had much and always wanted more, I learned the harsh reality that some people just lack the basic resources to succeed in life. Surve watched the government give out checks, food stamps, welfare, and other free things but it wasn’t enough. The households and communities remained stuck in poverty. Sometimes the assistance made things worse, leading to laziness and dependency and feeding a cycle of habit or drug addiction. "I believe if you give people the chance to get more, you can separate the abusers of the free system from the ones who truly want to make a better life for themselves" says Foster.

By the age of 10-17, Surve was sleeping in abandoned cars put off on family members and resting in laundry mats. Why was there no place to find help without losing myself to a system built to see me fail? "When I was hustling & begging for food or never eating at all, where were the resources for help? Instead I found police officers who would throw me in jail because they didn’t know what else to do with me. I was working my first job at nine and a half, illegally. I wonder where I would be today if that foreign guy with the bad attitude hadn’t helped me and shown me compassion by giving me a job. When I was dealing with peer pressure, drug addiction, and sexual relationships. When I couldn’t make it to school because I was different. When I couldn’t afford tuition. When no one believed in my dreams but me. Where were the resources? Who was there to help prevent me from traveling that road to destruction so many times" says Foster?

Yahkiks is the resource I was looking for. Yahshua outreach centers will be a burden lifted off towns, cities, and states across America. Every resource needed for younger and older adults will come out of that building, free of charge. See a percentage of our earnings goes to resources that will help our youth and our inner communities, by building better schools, after school programs, free of charge for our children. We would like to create better jobs and careers for our young and older adults. Yahshua KiKs is for all people and with the help of our loyal customers, supporters, and fans, we can fight against drug use, violence, and murder in our neighborhoods. No child will be left behind, no matter what race he or she maybe. it's time for change and its time for unity among all people.

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