Supplements Facts: Top two ingredients to avoid when drinking Pre-workout supplements!

How many of us drink pre-workout supplements? Do you know What ingredients are in your pre-workout supplements? Most of us don't know. I am on a mission to tell you what ingredients to stay clear of when buying pre-workout drinks. over the past two years There has been over a hundred pre-workouts banned from shelves. Most of these supplements are sold in your local GNC and vitamin shops. While doing some research I have discovered two major ingredients to stay clear of when purchasing pre-workouts.

The first of the batch is D- aspartic (DAA). Men taking the supplement D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) showed an increase in testosterone levels by up to 60%. Men already produce high levels of testosterone; the average man produces 4-7 mg of testosterone per day. So up to that up by 60 percent. Another ingredient to stay clear of is vitamin B on the ingredients you will see B3. In the form of nicotinic acid inhibits lipolysis Not only that, but it also inhibits the enzyme adenylate cyclase which is responsible for producing camp. Elevated camp concentrations have been shown to increase fatty acid breakdown, which is the mechanism by which caffeine increases lipolysis.

If you are wanting to use pre-workout supplements please read the ingredients and look for an all-natural product. please Do your research before buying any pre workout supplements. I have found a pretty good supplement that has had great reviews. It’s an all-natural pre-workout called clean shake and it comes in a variety of flavors. Go to for more.

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