Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

I came up with this topic due to the complete distraction of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian the world endured yesterday. The amount of things that were being displayed for the entire world to see and read were just absurd and they are not the only victims of this. The entire nation is consumed with posting and documenting their entire lives when most things just don't need to be broadcasted.

This is not just a celebrity thing. If you scroll through your Facebook right now you will find several friends whose baby daddy didn't do this or mother did that. Just a complete documentation of their entire day like DJ Khalid.

This Rob and Chyna thing just disturbed me because I feel we have more serious issues going on right now and things like this are used as an distraction for what is really important. Also the amount of information that was leaked out by him about her was just plain disturbing. So I ask is anything sacred anymore? Must you post everything? And when your relationship of any kind is not working or you feel played in anyway, take the L like a grown up and move on or let go. Don't try to destroy someone and reveal things that you all had going on while you were in love so to speak. Oh and if you didn't hear anything about this and have no clue who Rob and Chyna are consider yourself blessed.



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