The Cycle of your Life!

The new workout craze has taking storm. I'm talking about soul cycle. An intense 45 Minute workout class on stationary bikes. You are guaranteed to sweat and burn up to 500-700 calories in one session.The room is dark and filed with high energy music and you have a very energetic instructor. The instructor pushes you to you're full ability.

This workout craze was started by Co-founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice. Soul Cycle has turned into a great success. They have a revenue of 112 million dollars. Each class is about $34.00. This workout craze is taking over with 74 locations in the United States.

This video 2016 Celebrity cycle instructor KTX.

In Houston, TX there are two locations one on 2549 Kirby Dr and the second location is 1343 S Voss Rd. you can also get you’re first class at a discounted rate of a whopping $20 dollars. Will you ride today?

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