Christian Hip Hop Album Proceeds go Towards Building a Safe House

Christian Hip Hop artists Legin, Sinai and Focus are signed to a label called Renaissance Music Movement. The label is is an extension of Legin's home town church, Crossroads Church in Norfolk, VA. Legin, the church and Kerus Global corporation partnered up and sent the mc's out to Africa for ministry work.

Kerus Global is an organization that specializes in education, HIV/AIDS, community justice, job creation, women empowerment and just recently as the numbers for this has spiked, child trafficking.

Once arriving to South Africa and hearing the stories of all the girls disappearing at such young ages; being ganged raped in the first grade, the fellas got back to the states and were beyond inspired. It started out with just an idea of making a song and hopefully someone more prominent would hear it and bring awareness to the issue. Legin just felt that wasn't enough. The song turned into an album which turned into wanting to build a safe house.

The Safe House album dropped June 9th, it is available on iTunes and all of the proceeds will go into building the safe house. The remaining costs will be taken care of by Kerus Global. Legin is hoping to keep this going creating more albums bringing awareness and more safe houses here in the states.

Safe House Video

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