Protesters Armed and Carrying Confederate Flags In Houston

Pro- Sam Houston protesters are not allowing any of his monumental statues go down without a fight. Most southern states of America are slowly detaching from controversial monuments that celebrate slavery and the Confederacy.Some fear it may include the historic statues of former Republic of Texas President and slave owner Sam Houston.

On Saturday, at Hermann Park, hundreds of protesters were armed and carrying Confederate flags, in fear of the historic Sam Houston Equestrian statue being taken down. According to the Houston Chronicle, the demonstration was organized after rumors spread that an advocacy group called Texas Antifa, was planning to protest the removal of the statue from the park.

Despite the rumors, Texas Antifa did not show up leaving the pro- Sam Houston organization to get their point out loud and clear.There is no confirmation of organized efforts to take down the statue, but protesters expressed concern that local activist are calling for the statue to be removed, the AP reported.

Although Sam Houston owned slaves, he refused to take an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy.Instead of being supported for his decision he was removed from his position and Texas became apart of the Confederate. He also helped secure the independence of Texas from Mexico.

With Sam Houston being such a large part of our city and Texas history, many people have mixed feelings about the idea of a possible removal of his monuments. Some believe it is a reminder of the horrid pains of slavery, while others fear it’s an effort to delete history.

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