Bill Cosby In Trial This Week

Bill Cosby showed up for trial Monday with TV daughter Keisha Knight Pulliam aka Rudy by his side. Back in 2014 comedian Hannibal Buress made remarks of Cosby being accused of rape allegations from multiple women. At the time it was put into a skit Buress performed and it was meant to be funny.

After that a domino effect of about 50 women came out allegedly accusing Cosby of drugging and taking advantage of them sexually. With statue of limitations coming into play most of the charges were not able to be brought up due to the time length of when the alleged incidents took place.

2 of the 50 women, Andrea Constand and Jane Doe's alleged incident with Cosby took place in 2004 allowing charges to be brought back up and filed. There were several testimonies on Tuesday, the mother of the alleged Jane Doe victim, Andrea and a Detective that Andrea originally reported the incident to in 2004.

Cosby basically had an smh moment as the accusers took the stand turning this case into a he said she said. The only issue I have ever had with this case is that the rest of the cast has been penalized on residual money that I am sure all of them have lived off of this entire time. This case has been made so public that to receive a fair trial and not be considered guilty before the trial started is impossible. Making the term innocent before proven guilty false.

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