Lyft Is Back In Houston!

Lyft is back in Houston! It has been three years since Lyft left Houston due to new regulations. The company decided to come back after Governor Gregg Abbott signed House Bill 100 also known as the “RideShare Bill”.

The bill gives regulations on Ridesharing apps across the state, meaning the rules will be the same from city to city. It also requires background checks annually but no longer requires fingerprinting, which is why Lyft left initially.

Mayor Sylvester Turner made it clear that he “can no longer guarantee that your driver has passed a background check that includes all 50 states and the FBI's national criminal database.” This also includes Uber and any other rideshare app.

Despite the change in security Lyft's Houston general manager Kaleb Miller said,"We're excited to be returning to Houston and have seen a tremendous response from both drivers and passengers who are excited to have Lyft's affordable, reliable rides back in the city".

For everyone looking for a job or a ride to it, you now have another affordable option. Hopefully, the rekindled rivalry between Lyft and Uber will create more discounts for Houston riders.

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