What A Mom Found In Her Child's Gums

If you need a better reason to stop biting your nails, here is 27.A mother shared videos of her pulling out finger nails from her son’s gums. Sara Guidry said she saw something odd and white hanging from the top of his gums. She grabbed tweezers and pulled it out. To her surprise, she found a nail. She pulled out 27 nails after picking at different areas in his mouth.

The mom posted the video warning other parents not to let their children bite their nails. The dentist said her son was not spitting out his nails. Instead, he played with them in his mouth which penetrated his gums.

More info: http://twentytwowords.com/what-this-mom-found-in-her-sons-mouth-will-get-you-to-stop-biting-your-nails-forever/

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