Free Summer Fun!

Houston! Are you already getting that “come pick me up…. I’m bored ” text from your little cousin? I know I am and school has only been out less than a week for kids. If you’re in college, you may be two weeks into summer vacation. Just enough time to get bored or find yourself already in a hole from spending too much money.

Have no fear, because I have the key to success for your summer break in Houston. Discovery Green, located in Downtown Houston, is a hub for free fun! If you've gone to Discovery Green, you may have randomly walked into festivals, live concerts, and even yoga classes.

Luckily this recurrence isn't random. I checked out the website and to my surprise, the park is jammed packed with daily free activities for people of all ages. For example, this week you can take your kids to learn a language, workout at Zumba class and catch a Circo Avenida circus show, all for free!

Worried about keeping cool? It has two splash pads and plenty of shaded areas. Not to mention with enhancements for Super Bowl, downtown is gorgeous with a slew of new restaurants and hotels, perfect for stay-cations. So when your little cousin sends you the "I'm bored!" text, you can entertain them with all the activities that our beautiful city has to offer, without breaking the bank.

Discovery Green Website and Schedule:

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