Has The "RompHim" Been Poppin?

Everyone has been clowning the idea of the “RompHim”, a new fashion romper for men. This look is not as new as we think. In the late ‘90s and early 2000s, it was a trending style. Many celebrity males like the R&B group Jagged edge, rapper Snoop Dogg and a host of others were rocking the one-piece. Retro fashion trends are brought back all time, like ripped jeans and high waisted pants. So, what is the turnoff about this one? Do you think they should change the name or is this a trend that should be left behind?

If the criticism doesn’t hold you back and you are feeling the “comfy summer look”, it will set you back $120. You wouldn’t be the only one sporting this look. With all the media buzz, the starter company, RompHim, has raised more than $136,000 which surpassed their $10,000 goal, according to CNN. Regardless, if you decide to “pull up” the romphim or not, just make sure you stay cool in this summer heat.

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